“Life is like a 10-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use.”  — Charles Schultz.

Travel lets me find those gears I don’t use all the time. For most of my adult life I’ve tried to find a way to bike when I’m traveling. Two wheeled travel is one of the best ways to see a city and sharpen your navigation skills. Plus, you discover a different side of a city. You pay attention to it in a different way because you are in it. Plus, moving through at 8 to 12 mph is entertaining. You see shops, neighborhoods, spots loved by the locals and it’s like you’re a movie extra.

One of my passions when I travel aside from coffee and bakeries, involves taking copious pictures of bikes. Whatever I see that catches my fancy, get a picture. What’s amazing to me about bikes especially in Europe is that they all look so perfect. You don’t see them abandoned or falling apart. You rarely see a U-lock attached to a tire, instead the bikes are used for everything and they’re parked everywhere.

The pictures on this page are from a trip to Potsdam, Germany in the summer of 2009. I was there on a Fulbright and managed to ride a bike almost daily. I rented a bike from the hotel nearly everyday. I was involved in daily lectures and classes, but as soon as the bell rang, I got on a bike and explored.


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