I’ve never been one for gym membership. I’ve tried more than a few times, but I’m no good at the gym scene. The air is stale and the machines lack elegance. I prefer being engaged in the great outdoors pumping up a hill, fighting a headwind or justing being in it—  outside.

One of the BEST investments is a good jersey. This is from Terry Bicycles. It’s the Soleil top with UPF 50 and worth every penny.

By definition a commute is “a regular journey of some distance to and from one’s place of work.” My commute to and from work has a variety of routes and paths. Sharrows, no sharrows, I enjoy all sorts of scenes and sights along the way. It’s a membership I can afford and it’s as much a part of my day as breathing.

Whaat am I wearing? Cycle shorts by Shebeest and the top is by Moxie Cycling -both purchased at my local REI.

Commuting is something that needs some planning, and it’s worth it. I’ve been doing it for over a decade and I hope I can continue to do it for another and another after that. I don’t think you need special clothes to bike, but if you’re touring or racing, well, yeah, I think you’ll be more comfortable in clothes that know how to perform and help you get the best of of your ride. I have been there and done that. For the most part I ride in regular clothes but I do own great rain gear! I do have cycle-wear and when I’m out and about for a full day or riding around or anything over 10 miles, then it does, in my opinion make a difference to wear clothes with a little more saddle time.

T-shirt and shorts for a casual ride.