Just Living the Ride

Riding a bike is what I do. I was never a fan of working out in a gym and the whole idea of riding a stationary bike indoors over a spin outside seems unappealing. Gym membership is not my thing. My daily prayer for myself is that I can ride my bike. “Please, God, let me ride my bike again today.”

Like many of my brothers and sisters in bikes, I went through the period of being a roadie. I’d dress up in my kit and go out for hours, but now I don’t care about what I wear when I ride, I care that I ride. Usually it’s my commute, but on the weekends I love doing errands by bike or riding to fetch groceries, whatever, wherever, let it be by bike. That’s my mantra.

Winter is the most unpredictable season for riding. Despite the apps and radar and updates, you don’t know what the day will bring. I’ve had exceptional rides on days that the weather app told me it would be raining for hours. In the Pacific Northwest, you can’t let the rain get in your way, or you’d never ride. However, I do think that weather can be managed. The weather gods should be limited to one weather system at a time. You can give me rain and no wind or wind an no rain, but together…well, that’s like weather doping. Not cool Mother Nature! Dress for it and don’t be stupid. If it seems too dangerous, then wait it out. Like the company so aptly named, Showers Pass… they do. Showers do pass and sometimes you can find that opening in a weather system and still get a little time in the saddle.

Happy 2016 and start the year with a ride. You can thank me later.


3 thoughts on “Just Living the Ride

  1. Yay, another true bike commuter. I echo your sentiment … except for this week, this stupid cold has prevented me from getting on the bike. What’s worse, I planned a ride for climbing Mt. Hamilton today. I guess I’ll just show up, ride part of the way, then head back into the car. Will try to make sure my cold doesn’t get worse, so I can ride another day.

    • I went for a super quick spin around the neighborhood today. I lasted about 26 minutes and lost feeling in my fingers and toes. The wind chill is about 20º. I was contemplating a trainer today for the first time in about a year. There’s always a week or two when the weather just won’t let up. We do what we can. Hang in there and get healthy for the days we can ride. Happy 2016 and thanks for the comment.

      • I was actually able to get out for a short ride .. climbing was ok, descending … not so much. Although it wasn’t as cold as where you are, for a Californian, we’re not used to this cold weather. It was 35 F, and going downhill at 25 mph, not sure what the windchill would have been … but it was cold.

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