To Exercise or Not to Exercise

One of my favorite all time quotes from Mark Twain is this, “Whenever I get the urge to exercise, I lie down until the feeling passes away.” That was me today. It’s raining again. The last two days I got caught in a downpour. I did not want to suit up in rain gear and ride in the misery today. There was a thirty minutes break between storms and I opted for ignoring the urge to exercise. I read. I’m a middle school librarian and I thought Mark Twain would approve of that option. Ignore the urge and read.

Yet, the nagging issue is getting exercise. That’s a big deal in my book. Mark Twain was a wiry, witty guy and health probably wasn’t a consideration then. The reality for me is I have a goal of 75 miles a week and last week I broke the record and hit 94 miles. Then the devil on my shoulder chimes in, “It’s not going to require that much additional effort on a day off to get some exercise.” Plus, I have my Wahoo and the whole Zwift thing. The virtual ride was calling my name.

I changed and went out for my usual 13 miles. That’s what my commute would be and if I want miles I need to get in the saddle and get it done.

Off I went to Watopia. I ended up having a blast. There are still things I don’t understand, like customizing your avatar and why do some people have those fancy yellow rims? I don’t always know what sort of a workout I want. I’ve been doing flatish rides to build my confidence. Some avatars seem to have screens in front of them as they ride. I don’t get it. I’ll figure it out. Admittedly my virtual riding isn’t the first option that springs to mind on days it’s too much to really ride outside. Today, I’m glad I reviewed my alternatives and got off my bum and went for a virtual ride.

The sun and palm trees was exactly what I needed to see. Plus I didn’t have to put on sunblock.

Then the aquarium took my breath away. This virtual riding is entertaining.

The cobblestones make me laugh however I love this little village. I want to pull over and have an espresso at the café on the right. These virtual rides make me happy I embraced the urge and went for a ride after all.

Happy riding!


Zwifting Time

My people are not athletic. We are Greek, but not Olympians. We win the gold medal in talking, shopping and academic endeavors, but we’re not athletes. A few anomalies exist in the DNA like my cousin Harry Jr., who was amazing at all things gymnastic. There are some cousins who excelled at basketball and baseball, but the girls, not so much. I was always terrible at team sports. I wanted to play volleyball, but the coach just shook her head and said I shouldn’t bother. I’m lucky I passed P.E. at all.  I grew up at a time when girls were not encouraged to be all they could be. Bicycling saved me. As a kid, when I learned how to ride a bike it was a ticket to freedom. Since I commute and ride casually, it’s also been my gym, my meditation, my thing.  I want to put that out there in case someone reads this and thinks that indoor, virtual cycling is only for the avid roadies who do centuries every weekend. I’ve done my share of centuries and charity rides. I bike commute and now, apparently I Zwift!

The Wahoo Kickr Snap was delivered last day of January. On Friday I finally put the whole thing together. It was a snap! We had yet another snow day and I figured it would take all day. But it really was a snap.

When I was researching the trainer I wanted I came across the genre of videos about “unboxing” your purchase. Only a time-lapse. Here I am unboxing and putting the Wahoo together. Pardon the construction and boxes. We’re renovating various parts of the house and the basement is on other side of that to-do list.

Then I took a ride. My avatar! She needs curly hair…, but wow! Hello! Then I was cycling around London like a serious roadie.

Friday, I was trying to get the hang of it all and see how the app worked. I also had to get Strava talking to Zwift which was teeny-tiny roadblock, but today it’s working without a hitch. I rode for a few miles and loved it. Exhilerating is not a word I would have thought I would use to describe any trainer. The Wahoo was incredibly easy to set up and once it paired with Zwift, I was set. Zwifting is a blast. There was a pause in the rain Saturday and I got outside for a real 11 miles, then today, I finished the set up and reorganized some of the cabinets downstairs for more comfortable use of the iPad. I took my cleated shoes downstairs and some water.

This is becoming the biking spot. See the two horizontal drawers above the tires? I pulled those drawers out,  propped up my iPad and virtually took off! I only did four miles but I sweat enough for 20! Mission mostly accomplished. I think I need a fan.

Clearly I was waiting for these trainers to get smarter. It was worth the wait.

Any Zwifting tips? Please feel free to correct me if I’m not using the correct terminology. It’s a whole new world.

Until the next time. Have a great ride, virtual or otherwise.