Miles To Go

Fall is glorious. It’s prime time for riding because the temperatures aren’t too hot or too cold yet. It’s that golden time of the year when it seems like every sunrise and sunset is Mother Nature’s attempt at showing off.

Waterfront in Vancouver, Washington

The skies have these marvelous mood swings and a ride that starts out sunny could end up in a ferocious storm. Every moment seems more impressive than the last.

I keep my rain gear close at hand and just go. I enjoy the seasons changing it up and skies spreading their wonder and I pedal on breathing in and out and in and out. Thrilled to ride.

Do you have a favorite season? Mine is everyday.

Happy October eve.

Get out there and ride.

Bike Goddess

3 thoughts on “Miles To Go

  1. Summer is my favourite season but September has been my best month for a number of years in terms of miles. I guess that I am trying to make the most of the nice weather while I can. There can be extremes of weather (I’ve cycled in to work sleeveless at 6a.m. a couple of times!). The weather is generally dry and the changing colours of fields, leaves and the horizon when the sun is low coming up or down is fascinating. Lovely pics.

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