May All Your Rides Be Merry and Bright

Isn’t this the best? From a local bike shop and nonprofit in my area. You can vote for their window. It is the best, but I am biased. Choose BikeClarkCounty.

Here’s a short post to say thank you for being out there following this blog and sharing your insights. Even reading a post here and there helps motivate me. When I see the notification that someone has said something or Liked the post I’m overjoyed and feel less alone in the vast universe.

We know all our rides are not merry. Yesterday someone was parked in the bike lane and up ahead of the parked car there was a police car and the officer was alongside the offending vehicle telling the driver that they were parked in a bike lane and “You can’t be here. I’ll let you off today in the spirit of the holidays, but—see look here (pointing at me) there’s a biker and you’re making her go into traffic because YOU are in the bike lane.” It was a Christmas miracle and had me smiling all the way home.

I give you my thanks for reading, following and generally liking my blog posts. Plus check out these pretty ornaments! I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. May you find your days merry and bright and may there be no cars in or near your bike lane.

Be safe out there.

Bike Goddess

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