Custom Ride or Not?

Let’s talk about custom bikes. I have been riding bikes for most of my adult life and before that I had three bikes: a tricycle, a nondescript bike with training wheels, and a bodacious, freedom loving, adventure hunting banana seat. Then I recall a cheap Firenze my Dad got free somehow, and a Raleigh then a Schwinn and so onContinue reading “Custom Ride or Not?”

Sharrow After All These Years

See this road? It leads to an amazing stretch of road which is an old highway. It has been falling into disrepair for years. The lack of upkeep and the broken promises of a bike path was one reason we moved. This road is now nothing short of treacherous. As a biker, I wish itContinue reading “Sharrow After All These Years”

Spring in Your Wheels

It was a long winter of commuting for me. The thing that really gets me about winter commuting is waking up in the dark and going home in the dark. Noir riding. I think most people have a similar complaints. The only cure I can come up with is weekend riding, or leaving working onContinue reading “Spring in Your Wheels”