Go Public!

My bike took me places today!  Quick stops at Bike Gallery, then REI, followed by Public and top it off at Western Bike Works. If the temps were a tad lower, I would have tried for a few more visits, but summer days have a mind of their own.

I visited the new Public Bike shop in NW Portland today. You know Public, right? If not, take a look at their site. I have always been curious about their bikes, but I’ve never tried one out. What an adorable shop! At first glance it feels like it could be in Europe, but check your GPS because you’re on NW 23rd and Kearney. The location is good; high foot traffic and there’s Salt and Straw at the corner, so you know that’s a good thing. There’s a bike parked at the public racks with information about test rides. Bikes are situated like breadcrumbs to help you find your way. I felt like Gretel following the crumbs to the shop. Cute accessories like baskets and bags outfit the bikes as well. I parked in front of Salt and Straw and tried to steel my nerves and refrain from getting a scoop. My mission was to check out the shop.

When I entered the shop I thought it was two stories, but Public is down the stairs and another shop entirely in upstairs. I felt a tiny wave of disappointment since I really wanted to look at gear.

It’s compact but there are loads of bikes for you to try. I talked with an eager guy who asked what prompted my visit. He really had to twist my arm (not) to take a bike for a spin. The usual protocol, ID and fill out a brief questionnaire and then he selected a step through 8 speed for me. I am researching (wink, wink) and wonder about the step through versus the mixte frame I currently use for my daily commute.

Why didn’t I take pictures? I blame the heat.

The bike I took for a test ride was fine, but not quite what I’m after. It wasn’t love at first spin. It lacked that feeling of possibility. It will be the perfect bike for someone, but not me. It’s a cute shop and they have bags, helmets and bikes for everyone to try. Their price point is reasonable and the bikes come in candy colors. A Public store in the neighborhood is great news because it means more bikes.

Go try one out!

(Note: This was written 7/8/15)

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