Sun Surprise


I live in Washington State, and the weather in the Pacific Northwest is usually on the wet side. We get breaks, but lately it seems like the breaks are weeks apart. The last week has been rain on wet with a side of damp. It bums me out. A few days here and there are one thing, but day after day after day of the wet stuff is daunting. Add cold and wind to the conditions… and it’s enough to make me ponder the possibilities of parking the bike and commuting by car.

However, there are times when Mother Nature teases me with some sun. She reminds me that it’s just how she is. Mother Nature likes to change it up and keep me on my toes. When I start getting my gear ready and it’s obvious by the weather report that it’s going to be one of those awful days when it’s pissing rain. But I try. I think if it turns out that bad, I’ll get a bus. I hold out some tiny ray of hope that maybe, just maybe the weather will change. There are times the skies smile. There are times the sun comes out and I find myself wondering what my problem was. How could I have been such an ogre about the weather. It’s weather! I see the flowers and the air is as fresh smelling as a bakery and I think,  it wasn’t that bad.

Today was that day. The best part of the day was the ride hope with the sun on my back. The streets were damp but the sun was shining through and I felt like I was given a gift. Traffic was light and I kept pedaling and pedaling while predicting whether I’d make it home before the next storm hit.

I rolled into the garage and felt certain that the weather gods took pity on me and knew I needed a dryish ride today. I love it when they do that. I tell people I don’t mind the rain, I mind weeks of it.

Now the question in: What does the weather forecast for tomorrow look like?


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