Lighter Side of Life


I’m not sure why people talk about as if we could change it tomorrow. We’ve had this whole time change, Daylight Savings Time, thing since 1918 and it really would take an act of Congress to change it. Regardless of whether Ben Franklin came up with it as a joke or not, it’s here. Frankly, I like it. It reminds me of everything that’s good and wonderful about waking up after the long nap of winter. Sure, we lose an hour of sleep, but we gain light and that means more time to ride my bike. It means I can dawdle a bit on that ride home. I won’t be chasing sunset.

We inch our way closer to long, hot summer days of riding. Oh, wait… that’s right. The hot, hot summer. Ugh! My favorite month for bike riding is October. That’s the best month in the Northwest since it’s a wonderful balance of cold mornings and warm afternoons. The leaves are changing and the intense rays of the summer sun are waning. However, we have to go through the dog days of summer to get to October. As Robert Frost says, “The best way out is through.”

The greatest thing about summer is getting out early and riding the day away. If the weather report says it’s going to hit 90º then I head home early before getting caught out there in the danger time. I like that I can travel with my phone and a CO2  cartridge. I can travel light and not pack for a commute but for pleasure. It’s liberating!

Running any and all errands by bike is another bonus of the summer months. I don’t even think twice about it. Need something at the store, I’m on my bike faster than a fireman  and doing whatever needs to get done.

The challenge during the summer months is that my work routine is different. I’m not commuting to and from work everyday, and I have to make a point of figuring out my routes and joining group rides to push myself. A challenge I gladly accept.



I ride all the time, but there are months in the great Northwest that are more conducive to riding than others. What about you? Do you have a favorite month of the year for riding your bike? Tell me about it.

Have a great week out there!

Be safe, be seen.

Enjoy the light!

Bike Goddess

2 thoughts on “Lighter Side of Life

  1. For me, my favorite months are March through May. March, because it’s my birthday month. Plus, that’s when all the organized rides in California are … It’s also when everything starts to bloom.

    The only thing about time change, is that it affects my work. I have to deal with customers all over the world, and some change time, some don’t … and when we do, and they don’t, it’s a guessing game on whether or not we will be there for a conference call at the right time.

    I wish the whole world would agree to not change the time. Timey wimey!

    • I do love the changing scenery. The blossoms are incredible right now despite the rain. I never thought about the how world implications of the time change. That could be a pain. Keep your chin up. Thanks for reading.

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