First Day of a New Year: Ridesolutions

  Thirty seven degrees outside and it looked like it wanted to rain, but I was undeterred. I wanted to get in 10 miles on the first day of the new year. Today’s ride gives me 87 miles for the week and 10 for the start of the year. It was good! I even saw a hawk. The light was spectacular. Check out those trees! It’s as if they were dipped in white paint. The contrasts of the green grass and steel gray clouds, baby blue sky and the sun bleached trees. What a visual feast!

Do you have any ridesolutions? I wanted to hit 3,500 miles in 2016. I was on track to do that without too much trouble until June. I pulled a muscle in my left leg and I was sidelined for about two weeks. I hated it and it put me behind. Most of July I was pampering my leg and working on a project for my father’s birthday. I had one of those amazing rides on my road bike and pushed too hard too early.  In the summer I tend to ride more, but rest assured my commuting miles take me from Fall to Spring with a minimum of 12 miles a day. I don’t want it to be a job. I want my ridesolutions to be milestones for my year of riding. Even if I ride one more mile over 2016, that’s good by me. 

Here are my stats:

If I have a goal for 2017, it’s 3,388. I hope to be injury free and above all safe and seen. We probably all want that. I also don’t really utilize Strava as much as I should. Meaning that I don’t know everything it can do. I see the routes of others and yet I don’t know how to copy them or use them for my own riding. I need to get better about using the features of Strava or I need to go back to MapMyRide. In any case, here’s to another year in the saddle, enjoying the world on two wheels! 

My other big goal for the year is this blog. 

Get out there are ride!

What are your ridesolutions for 2017?


10 thoughts on “First Day of a New Year: Ridesolutions

  1. Always good to have goals. Just keep at it … Before you know, you’ll reach your goals, and it will be marvelous.

    My resolution … Not that I could measure it, but to cook healthy, to match my long distance regiment. This is a challenge for me, because I don’t cook. Wish me luck.

  2. Good goal right there! 🙂

    I think you can only download other people’s ride routes on Strava if you have Premium. I’ve never tried it though. I tend to use MapMyRide or Gpsies to plan routes and put them on my Garmin. Strava I use mainly just for tracking my rides and stats.

    • Good info. Thanks. I don’t have a GPS other than my phone or Strava. I do have the premium subscription and my renewal is around the corner. I’m debating what I want to do.

      • I use rollers that have built in resistance levels. I like the freedom of movement and balance required to master them. If I keep Zwifting so much I could be tempted by a KICKR or Tacx NEO. I’d definitely get a smart turbo and go direct drive, prices are starting to come down a little.

      • I’ve been considering one, and I have no idea what to purchase. I keep reading reviews and watching videos. I want to try it out. The Zwift courses look cool.

      • Zwift is an indoor training game changer! That’s no understatement. It’s totally changed the way I train. The best way in is to buy a budget model wheel-on smart trainer that can change the resistance automatically for you to match the Zwift course terrain. Not sure on prices but they start fairly affordable and go up from there! Then you can use an iPad or laptop/pc if you get an ANT+ USB stick.

      • Thanks for your help. I’m still reading and researching but what you’ve shared is great. When this snow melts I’m definitely going to check out a few trainers and see what’s what.

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