Wahoo the Winter Away (and anytime, really)

Wahoo! Snap! Eventually it will be delivered. Currently it is out-of-stock and expected to ship on January 30th. I have family in Chicago and today it was in the high 40s while here in the Pacific Northwest we are still snowed in. The temps have been hovering in the teens and I’m a feeling a mixture of cranky and grumpy since I haven’t been on a bike in a few days. I miss my commute! Heck, I miss my job. I can do about a mile or so on the mountain bike which is fun, but not enough. I found a Wahoo Snap at REI online. I thought maybe I’d find it in the store and when I didn’t see it on the shelf I tried very hard to leave and not gaze longlingly at other trainers. Immediate gratification is not gratifying when you compromise on what you want to get it now! There was the $1200 Wahoo, but no… that’s not what I came to purchase. I willed myself to leave. Then my husband took be to another bike shop. I was sure they’d have something, but nada. Seriously! The coolest thing about this experience in semi-impulse shopping mode was I did my homework. I knew exactly what I wanted and why.

The guys (we need more women in this business) at the shop asked me if I needed help and that opened the conversation up to trainers. Immediately they told me about Kinetic which they had one in stock. However it had no “smart” capabilities. They also had a $1200 Cyclops. Nope I said, I wanted Wahoo Snap or Tacx Satori. They didn’t have either but could special order them. Thanks, but I can do that too. No biggie. Surprisingly they didn’t know much and I left feeling like at least I knew what I wanted. I spent another hour this evening watching videos online comparing the noise level and decided to Wahoo. I also think I will ride my road bike more and my husband even expressed interest in trying it out. Let’s do this! 

I ordered the Wahoo Snap and it’s a good thing since it looks like winter has only just begun. Most snow in the forecast. 

Until then, I’ll ride when I can for as long as I can. Outside. 

Thanks for all your help. 

Have a great week of riding!


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