Aprés April

If the month of April was on a bike then it raced past me like a peloton in a sprint for the finish in the Tour. April is usually one of the wettest months in the Great Northwest. We were set to take the record again, then last week happened. Four days of summer temps that were enough to tease me into thinking July was around the corner. That said, April’s true essence came through in the last few days so I’m back in the ol’ rain gear again.

As May is waiting in the wings for its cue I hope for warmer days ahead. You know that saying about how everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.

Last Monday was one of the most amazing April days. Plus it was my birthday and somehow the sun was the perfect present. There’s a newish walking path about 30 minutes from where I live. I discovered it by car two weeks ago but I didn’t know how to get access to it. You know when you’re driving and you see a mini road that parallels a highway and you wonder, “How could I bike that?” I was curious about it and my husband suggested that for my birthday we check it out.


He drove and I was nervous because maybe there really wasn’t anything there except a missed opportunity. At the Port of Kalama there is a trail, a new restaurant and lodge. The marina is in good shape and there’s a new walkway that I biked to get over to the railway area. There was a train blocking the road and you can’t count on access from Henrickson Road, but it was a stunning day and even though I went back a forth enough for 5 miles it felt different each time. The path has a majestic view of the Columbia River and log rafts.


It was more than I expected and enough to get me thinking about how I could bike to the site and back home. There must be some back roads. Even if I drive there a few times and explore it would be worth it. I felt like I discovered something with potential for more riding. There’s even an area along the Kalama River that seems great for mountain biking. I didn’t have much time but I was impressed with everything I saw and I’m hungry for more.


Not everyday you see a fully operational logging company. While I was considering whether my bike could go over logs I was also feeling the watchful eyes of history on my adventure. I was at the confluence of transportation with rain, river and highway coming together in this hamlet. In 1870, the Irish and Chinese arrived to work on the railroad. Fishing and logging settled in Kalama also.


The tallest totem pole in the Pacific Northwest is right there stretching up to the sky. Plenty of people were out and about on a enjoying the features of the park. Admittedly I was surprised to see the baby blue sky and anything beyond that had me agog.


Spring isn’t always the best, reliable weather but it reminds us that opportunities are about to unfold in both life and biking.

Hope to see you out there riding!

Enjoy it all!
Bike Goddess




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