This Trek Stache 5 is the best snow bunny.

Winter has fallen. Snow is not unheard of in my corner of the world, but it doesn’t often stick for an hour let alone a day. Flurries were expected yesterday but the weather has a mind of its own. It has been snowing all day and now it’s as if confectionary sugar has been scattered everywhere. I have learned not to get too attached to the snow. Instead I seize the moments however sleeting and take a quick ride or at least a few pictures and marvel at its beauty. The bright blanket of white that both confuses and awes young and old alike. 

Snow has a quiet quality until it mixes with freezing rain. As it begins to transform into icy pinheads you can hear it in the trees and its audible droplets turn the powder into sheets of ice as soon as they hit the ground. The freezing chorus whips into song as the wind blows. I don’t fancy riding on it when it’s icy. I prefer the powder. Admittedly wearing a mask and riding in the snow means I can’t see a flake in front of my face. Very few people out in it because we just don’t know how to drive in this weather since we seldom have to do it.

It could be gone by the morning. It’s a welcome change from the usual weather du jour. The forecast says more is on the way and it won’t be turning to rain until Monday.  I like the possibility that it will linger a bit longer. Like a guest you didn’t even know you missed. I’ll give credit to the pandemic for making me more aware of the subtleties in changes. Everything small feels miraculous and worthy of note.

Brisk ride at midday. Perfect powdery combination for a ride.
Me in the mirrored eye leaving after my first dose of the vaccine.

In other news, I got my first dose of the vaccine today. That is notable since this day was all about getting to the site to get the shot. I was considering biking to the clinic or taking the bus, but my guy drove me. In Portland there were vaccinations scheduled to be administered at the Convention Center and in Vancouver at the Clark County Fairgrounds. Both were closed due to the snow. I wasn’t nervous about getting my vaccine but when the nurse told me that the other sites were closed I felt waves a gratitude that it worked out for me. This whole thing has been like gambling. In 29 days it will be March 13th when life in the pandemic started. My school building closed and the whole pandemic-quarantine-bubble existence kicked off.

View of the park across the street. Great light dance on the snow.

Who knows what’s around the next corner? Let’s not even guess. The snow is beautiful. I had a brisk ride in the powder and I got my first dose of the vaccine that didn’t even exist until recently.

I’d say that’s a good day.

I hope you had a good day too.

Get out there and ride or take a walk.

Stay safe. Stay kind.

Thanks for reading!
Bike Goddess

11 thoughts on “Snowlandia

  1. A great example of write what you know. And yes, there is something about snow. It’s rare here too, but magical. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got shot, so to speak. How do you promote your blog?

    • Thanks Dude. It’s unreal today too. I think we’re up to 7 inches at my house. I don’t promote my blog. I’m still at the point where I want to write consistently and without too many errors. I also struggle with WP and its various nuances. Like I LOVE on yours how you have a sort of signature at the end and I can’t figure out how to do that. I need to hunker down and just figure it out or switch themes to one that will do what I want. I’m open to suggestions. Thanks for reading Dude.

      • Sure, Goddess. I do what I can, which ain’t much but más que nada. That’s alotta white stuff!

        My theme is expired but.still works and I have no clue about cooking another one. I know enough to put out the thing and block editor helps. I cut and paste the ending from a word doc. It’s what they call a “call to action.” Not that I’m rolling in trades, which are more important than followers. If you pay for your version to get more storage you can get free support usually via chat. There are resources like a WP blog listed under the admin tab view as well and I’m sure at other places, too, if you have the time. has a lot of good info. I assume there’s a WordPress for Dummies book and tons of YouTube videos, but I haven’t looked. If I decide to go into freelance blogging if have to learn more. One reason i haven’t. Maybe that’s helpful.

      • Bummer. No problem, just was wondering if I need to make it easier. I’ve got lots of time and still it isn’t enough. In person school, who’s bright idea was that? Hang in there!

    • It reminds me of my midwest days but the reality is that I don’t recall much snow in Anderson. We’re supposed to get more today but by Monday the temps go up to the mid 40s so I’m going to enjoy it while it’s here. The ice is unusual for you. Beautiful pictures. Thanks!

  2. I’ve had the blog for 5+ years so know enough to get by. Typo autocorrect, meant to say readers. If it helps I’d be happy to be in touch by email. You can see the addresses of commenters in admin view.

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